Chalder Consulting offers advisory services to assist companies who are looking for an external voice in the conversation including:

  1. Business Tool selection to help automate or manage business processes.
  2. Product viability / suggested enhancements – market share improvement.
  3. Business Change Management – helping a company navigate their business change with their staff.
  4. Making new connections for companies – look for opportunities to partner or outsource for expertise.
  5. Software development life cycle process review – pin pointing improvements to improve quality, communication and time to market.
  6. Defining roles in a team and company – when do you bring on new resources, what is the right type of resource, can it be a dual role?
  7. Strategy development  // Coaching  // Vision casting // Goal setting // Achievement review // Sounding board.
  8. Business start-up advice.
  9. Have an idea for an app and are not sure who to ask about next steps?  Send a request to chat through the contact page to get started.

Programs to choose from:

  1. 15 minute call: a free quick introductory chat to evaluate if your company could use an external voice.
  2. Corporate review: of current systems, products and processes with recommendation on improvements.
  3. Focus Growth Program: Ongoing program with weekly touch points to assist companies with long term growth.  This is a good fit for companies who do not want someone on staff however can benefit from frequent touch bases to help define tool selection and process changes.

Send a request for services through the contact us page.